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After I have seen the exhibition in gagosian gallery, which name is Natural History by Damien Hirst. And I also have seen the exhibition which is host by Phillips Action House, there so many artists’s works, such as David Hockney, Picasso, Tracey Emin and so on.

Well, to be honestly, I don’t think Natural History is a great show, it is has show something let me feel uncomfortable, which is about the death of the animals. In some ways, he just succeeded. Using the bodies of animal and kill them to show something, which is the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living.

As we know, there are so many successful artists in this world, someone’s works got really really high price, but is it worth? Some rich people just want to show off so they just buy them, and does’t care what is the meaning of arts, and is that worth something? Yes, worth to tell them how rich you are, and how powerful you are.

We should think about it, I think it’s already become a common phenomenon in the art field nowadays. Are we lost for some thing? We can get high salary, huge money, but there has something are beyond on money, like what is your purpose? To change the world? To bring something good for our kind, and so on.

Nowadays, so many artists are lost in some ways. Have been trapping in a situation that is pursue for more money and more good reputation. We should do some thing, like Banksey did, to against this kind of art market and phenomenon. We should be more braver, we should say no.

Fine art, also contemporary art, they are kind of like to say something that others people haven’t say before. Like a reflection form of social ideology, so, as I said, we should to search for some meaning that beyond money or other stuff, we all die someday, should we leave something in the world? I don’t want to be nobody.


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