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I recently learned the expression Live Fast Die Young, which also looks similar to another slogan: Live alone, die alone. As you can see, there is a spirit of rebellion in it. "All the noise in life will be paid by loneliness." "Memory has no end, and the future has direction." From a book called "One Hundred Years of Solitude," "Meaning of life" is the topic I want to discuss today. I always get confused with some questions.

Who am I? A dead body only knows work during the daytime and dies at night? I don't know why I am here or need to do this. It's my first time being a human being. Nobody gets my permission about what you would want to be born. What is life? What is the purpose god made us? Where should we go? Why do we enjoy life with people together? Like friends or parents?

Furthermore, some people told me life is "experience." Explore our life like a journey. I would say there must be something more critical above experience. How about dreams? I want to be an artist, and I mean the best artist, because I think it can prove something. I think artists should exist as the most marginalized group in this society. I believe that artists live as the most marginalized group in this society. We translate our critical observations of society into works, then present them to people and attempt to change something in the world in this way.

From my perspective, we should be born with critical thinking, which should be in our DNA. It's the key element that makes us the best artists. Everybody gets different answers about life. "Let life be beautiful like summer flowers And Death like autumn leaves." is one of my favorite verses. I feel like there is a spirit of unrestraint and freedom in it, everyone is a prisoner in their mind, and no one can escape it. I wish I could be the most unrestrained person one day.

In the end, I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I already have the answer which is ife is life, nothing special. It is life, it is just life.


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