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Suwen Wang is an artist based in London, whose focus is on neglected or commonly overlooked aspects of socio-political trends and interpersonal dynamics through personal observation and analytical inquiry. His mission statement is to explore the scale of how art can tackle socio-political issues through participatory, distributed artworks that aim to create art imbued with social rhythm and cultural harmony, extending our ethos in uncovering the intricacies of social issues, fostering visibility, accountability, and solidarity surrounding them.

Moreover, he establishes design as a powerful medium to investigate how alternative values, belief systems, and ideals can be made perceptible through interaction technology, sparking introspection about the types of worlds people aspire to inhabit. Trying to stimulates discussion and debate between designers and the public regarding social, cultural, and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies.


Furthermore, he posits that most of the world's predicaments result from information failures stemming from the concentration of power and a need for more structured and deliberate collaboration. He is committed to addressing these bottlenecks, discovering ways to finance collective commonalities, and enabling individuals to make sound decisions in nonlinear, intricate systems through emerging technologies and design.

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