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Wax Sculpture 2023

The objective of this project is to explore a way of combining traditional contemporary art and crypto art, a closed loop interaction system based on the real world as well as the Meta world. Create an art event that combines offline physical works and online crypted works that interact with people. Using food design as an imaginative medium to stimulate discussion and open up possibilities without showing a clear tendency to lead. To inspire more people to think about the world we live in and the ever-changing times. food cultures serve as vibrant spaces for cultural invention and reproduction through design. The project combines the expressive, functional, and communicative possibilities of new technologies while also taking into account the social, cultural, and ethical implications of our existence. 


Candles are ephemeral and artificial, and the combination with crypto art the aim is to create a typical pseudo-artistic spectacle of the internet age. Using 'food' sculptures as the medium to expose the 'ugly truth' of consumerism. The Crypto world as a competitive society where each candle is like a person with a personality. And crypto art is digital, unique and irreplaceable. It just corresponds to the attributes of a human being in modern society, where each person is unique. The sale of the work means that the 'person' is metaphorically sold out. Their digital existence evolves while their material existence is consumed, leaving them bereft of their own souls.


The central identity of the author as shaper of the work is eliminated as well as diluted in this project. Consistent with the decentralised status of crypto art in blockchain data. The entire work becomes the blockchain and the viewer becomes a block of data on the blockchain. The piece one buys with money is a burning version of this object, a gradual, gradual extinction, a slow suicide that is characteristic of the candle. It is not the flesh that burns, but the soul of each person. The candle serves as a vehicle for their soul, preserved as something digital in another world after it has been burnt to ashes.

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